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Are You Ready To Live The Life You Want To Live?

Get the blueprint to getting and keeping your life on track. Discover the simple but powerful way you can become equipped to live the life you want to lead. Learn to live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful life.

Hey Sis,

has your life been affected by...........



Negative Self-Talk



Denial of Your Real Desires

Over Commitment

Hiding Behind Roles and Titles 

Self Sabotage

A Lack of Healthy Boundaries

All of these can become unwanted and unhelpful behaviors, habits, and patterns getting in the way of us living the life we want to live. If your life has been affected by any of is possible to make change, improve your life, and become better equipped to choose the life you want to lead.

Become Your Own Life Strategist

Living the life you want to live is possible.

All it takes is a willingness to do the work, some expertise, and the support from a community of other humble women leaders who are on the journey with you. That’s where my team and I come in! 


The first step is to identify where you’re struggling and your biggest roadblocks to success. We’ll discuss these in-depth during your discovery call and offer possible solutions to help you overcome them. 


To meet clients where they’re at, we offer a holistic coaching approach through group masterminds while providing you with the tools, resources, and support you need. 

Alfia Caldwell, Certified Executive Coach, Change Management Specialist

Alfia has over 16+ year of coaching. Having served as an organizational and business coach for 8 years, Alfia completed her training as an executive coach and made a successful transition into leadership coaching while working with c-suite level executives, before deciding to focus on serving women leaders. Alfia is the founder of the Reframe Your Life executive coaching program for women leaders, a members only executive coaching program for women CEOs, founders, executives, and business owners, helping them solve their toughest challenges professionally and personally through a comprehensive approach to success. She is also the founder of the Reframe Your Life University and Reframe Your Life Podcast

Her coaching practice and teaching emphasizes the use of validated techniques, draws on cognitive behavior and solution-focused approaches, and is strengthen by her personal experiences.

Alfia Caldwell Certified Executive Coach
Reframe Your Life (1)

will teach you to make small but significant changes that will improve your life both personally and professionally, and help you become better equipped to choose the life you want to lead. 

  • Gain the support you need to make lasting, positive, inspirational change in your life

  • Unlock the ONE thing you must do to get and keep your life on track

  • Learn the 4 step process to identifying goals and reaching them

  • Overcome unwanted or unhelpful behaviors

  • Discover the 2-3 things you NEED in your life and career to live the life you want

  • Go from letting life happen to living more purposeful, fulfilled, and joyful

We understand the importance of community and accountability for this type of transformative change. 

It’s essential to surround yourself with other people who “get it” and can support you on your journey. This is exactly the kind of community we’ve created in our coaching program, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. 

Reframe Your Life

Why I Do What I Do

I too once stood in your shoes, as a humble woman leader with tons of talent but life happened.  


A few bad relationships, unfulfilling job assignments that underpaid me or did not pay me at all, and after pouring out so much of myself to others and being left feeling completely depleted......... I decided to make some changes. 


I implemented these small changes that brought tranformative change in my life

By making theses changes I gained the confident to only accepted job assignments that paid me what I felt I was worth

I also became more selective about the people I surrounded myself with

  Making these small but significant changes in my life has allowed me to reap the benefits in both my life and career. 


I've been able to teach the same skills I've learned to tens of thousands...including other women like you, Fortune 50 Organizations, C-Suite Executives, and Entrepreneurs. 


These changes have helped me focus my efforts on what truly matters, leading to an increase in my implementation, income, and impact.


I was able to clearly define my goals, priorities, and take action.  It allowed me to make strategic decisions that align with my objectives, utilize my resources more effectively, and ultimately achieve greater success. 


Additionally, making these small but significant changes allowed me to feel a sense of purpose and direction.  They motivated me to consistently take steps towards reaching the outcome I desired.

Coaching For Humble Women Leaders

My approach…

By coaching you to make small but significant changes in your life, I can support you in making changes that will lead to big benefit in your life and career.  It's like dropping a stone into the center of a still pond - the ripples reach to the very edge. 

During our time together I'll identify where you’re holding yourself back from success and use my REFRAME iT Framework to give you the tools and strategies to help you achieve your goals. 

Success is not a one-size-fits-all formula. That’s why getting to know you and establishing open communication is crucial to our relationship as client and coach. This allows us to build a personalized roadmap to success on your terms.

The REFRAME iT Framework techniques, strategies, and change processes are both scientifically tested and proven. It draws on cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches formulated from my coaching education, training, 16+ years of successfully getting results, as well as, my own life mastery.  If you do the work, your life will improve, and you will be better equipped to choose the life you want to lead.

We're a good fit if...

Any of these sound familiar?

You put everyone else needs before yours 


You have a level of success, but you still have dreams and goals that you keep putting off


You lack proper boundaries in personal or professional relationships
You have been taken for granted because of your humble nature


You support everyone else, but they don't support you
You use words like "it's ok, it's not a big deal, that's alright" to cover when you are denying your true desires
You fill your schedule with so many things to do that you don't have time for your goals
You are stressed because you do all the things, wear all the hats, and have all the important titles, positions, and degrees


You experience imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or have trouble standing in your success
You survived narcissistic abuse in a personal, work, or church relationship and now looking to get back to the strong woman you know that you are
You have gone through a divorce and are ready to build your new life
You wish you had a community of people who “get it” to support you

We're not a good fit if...

Any of these sound familiar?

You are not ready to do the work necessary for transformative change
You are unable or unwilling to commitment your time


You insist on blaming others and take no personal responsibility
You are looking for a quick fix


You are not willing to be accountable
You are not ready to be honest


You are not willing to adhere to completing the coaching work within the program
You don't believe you need help


You're unwilling to embrace ambiguity that comes with change
You have to control everything
You think you know it all
You lack self aware
You are not willing to participate in self-reflection
 You are not looking for solutions but more excuses

What clients have to say......

"I can't express how profoundly grateful I am for Alfia's private coaching program. Her unwavering support and expert guidance helped me gain clarity on my goals, overcome self-doubt, and embrace my true potential. Her Reframe iT Model empowered me to make bold decisions, and i've seen incredible growth in both my personal and professional life. "

Sarah M, Financial Services Company, Supervisor

"As the youngest and only minority leader in my position, I struggled with my confidence.  Alfia helped me work more authentically as a leader."

Client Testimony
Natalie F, Director of Career Services

"Through the coaching program at Reframe It, I was able to obtain an ideal leadership role I only dreamed of "

Zee S, Dental Hygienist
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

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